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Butterfly without wings...

Butterfly without wings, Clutched and entwined in twigs..
IT gave away its colors to make the rainbow smile,
And tore its dream of flight  to make the sun shine that extra mile...

Now that the fluttering has stopped and
now that the muttering is silent...
Does that colorless throb and that wingless dream matter to anyone??
Or does that closing wet eyelashes mean anything to you??

The more you knock, the doors are closing tighter..
hiding secrets in the lock..
Heart has given up pumping life and body is exhausting with every moment passing by..

All thats gonna remain is the trail in sand..
Telling a tale of butterfly who hung on to faith and fought till the end...

Little Respect Is All We Need!!

 #Guestpost By @akhilavr
The day God made human begins he made two genders the Adam and the Eve. The Adam so called man and eve so called woman. Since that day we have being fighting for our rights our right to get respect. Every one has a bigggggg speech on tip of there tongues when u tel them to speak they go on for pages Women the mother ,the creator, the support and once the speech is done he gets out of the place sees a beautiful woman walking by and he says to his fellow mate “kya kaamal ki cheez hay yaar” Seriously?? Cheez?? What are we a walking object??
In past ,present or in future we had been treated this way we are treated this way and we will be treated further too. Few days back a girl in Delhi was been gang raped by 6 men and was beaten and stripped and thrown on the road from a moving bus. A girl being raped by her father in Kerala  Brother sexually assaulting his own sister. We speak of education we speak of women empowerment we speak of rights where are all these m…

Rape.... A Murder of Humanity

The whole country is talking today about a word "Rape". Its nothing new to our ears. Women have been going through this since ages, every single day. But who cares??? Rapists are people who look like you and me but have the conscience of the devil himself. 
If you want a better world " Don't teach your Daughter "how to protect herself ?" Teach your Son "Don't forget your Ethos".....#Quote

I dreamt of wet moss and rainbows,I now look upon the scattered pieces in line.. A chunk here, a chunk there...body slashed, all what is left is dead soul of mine.. Heal me where I am burnt...Stitch me where I am torn, Free me from the clutches of Chauvinism, don't kill me before I am born...
 A rape is what they call this..a civilized name for the death of humanity.. I went though it and I have lost all sanity.... They laughed and they grinned while I cried, Light was there but I was blind, they ripped me apart and inside I died...
Scarred for ever and never t…