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A Brainstorming

Confessions UN-confessed, feelings left unsaid.
How long you will crib dear soul.... till the heart stops throbbing or what??
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass..
Its all about learning to dance in the rain.
Moments will come and in flash i will go..
Hands decide to make it a memory or a scar.
Hold it till it paralyses you or let it go..its up to u..
Happy in what u have n about what u are
Or be jealous about what others have and u don't..You take a stand!!!
Eat jump crazy stuff what u like...
Don't hurt others, Don't take pain..
Be the star, be the controller of your own car.
Close the eye lids with the satisfaction that u lived
and leave behind footprints to follow.

Heart Cries

Ghost of the past haunt me still..
Moments have passed but footprints remain.
If you want to kill it why do you nurture it anyways?
If you are gonna cut its wings why to make it learn to fly?
Your mask shows fake dreams to someone which u smash later..
Nothing is gained Nothing is Lost In the game of name and Fame..
A creeper whom you sheltered, you chopped it out for no reason.
No space to let out a cry it died n the middle of the spring season.
Time heals all wounds but even if it heals, the memories still pop up from time to time,
to scratch the scars again and rejuvenate the pain.
The world always has a weird way of working itself out,
And its round as well so will have to wait till it comes around.

Mirages in life

An emptiness in the void,
An echo on the throb,
Its the distance of heart that matters.
Have you lived in moments u breath or moments that take your breath away?
Happiness is the choice you make and
Darkness is what u decide to plunge in.
Change asks poison and nectar both to be drunken,
As the bed of roses comes along with thorns.
I know you have been crushed little heart, But you cant give up...
As you are still pumping blood.
Mirages will vanish as you go near..
Just keep printing footprints in sand.
Walk along the sunshine in your journey to the eternity..
to live the saga called life.

No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

What if hell and heaven are satisfied???
Tornado Fell in love with a volcano???
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

Would you take it?? will you accept it??
A history written, a saga created to be remembered forever and ever...
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

It is a confusion..all a rotten distortion..
The sound is noise now and breath a ruckus...
I hate it..I love it...I crave it..I break it.....
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

It was a wrong beginning...would u consider it now..

Or its too late to to ask now...But how can I let it go without...
Lets give it a try...don't know why....
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

Be on the positive will give u a way..

stars will shine down.... lets just wait till the dawn..
and rose will be in your will heal your hand with a magic wand...
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

A Heart Part

When you left you took a piece of me,
that void still shakes in me.
I know you are fine somewhere,
I know your heart is still beating there.
Clash of dreams tore us apart..
N you ran taking my part.
I need it back to fix the wreck.
Wipe you off..
Make the slate clean..
As new feet are waiting to mark footprints
on that scene...

Child Cry

Swinging through the shadows,
On a road along the memory flows,
into the dark lanes which are forgotten,
resides a kid never grown.
A faith dwindling between theist and atheist,
has lost light anyways.
Its now an anger unexpressed, an irritation..
A saga which was supposed to be told.
Sprout wonders with blurry eyes,
will it ever rise or get killed in the reflection of the tree??
Never mind it anyways doesn't matter now.

A angel

An angel came down,
Was it a broken star that granted my wish or was it the magic wand of a fairy fish?
Whatever it was it gave me you...
When all doors were locked u got the key,
When i was lost in dark you got the sunshine..
A pearl in the shell,
A cocoon in the well...
Ink of my blood on the canvas of my heart,
prints my love on the life-book for you.