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Footprints in the valley

How green is my valley??
Is it really green or just a farce?
Shall I believe or shall I leave it in the alley!!!
I followed the footprints and discovered its all wrong..

Shall I leave it or shall I keep walking??
And find a new destination?
All around I see is question marks and no full stops..
So I guess, will have to put a comma and move on....

Will create new traces and design a new map...
Anyways whats the fun in exploring the explored,
When you have options of inventions and discoveries.

My little World

A little snail sneaked out of its shell,
Feeling hungry it tasted dew...
Clouds got shapes of the world,
Ans lightened with lightening..
How beautiful my little world is!!!
Ants crawl along leaving traces on the sand..
making marks on the land..
I wanna live in their homes, become small and invisible..
Eat food crumbs and live on small with laughter..
Lets go and cook leaves..
Dry and green leaves!!
Make home of sand..copy the sparrow nest
and rest upon...
Cuckoos music and fan of wind..
roof of the sky and rug of mud...
My little world is so beautiful..
all natural, all cute..
Only mine and so acute....

Love Knocked on my Heart

A tear of dew knocked on the petals of my heart,
Its you who beats through my veins..
Eyes winked and I knew its you,
Forever my vision to be..

You are my answered prayer,
You are my accepted plea...
Mirages apart, Hallucinations together
You are the reason why I breath.
On the scratches of my soul, a cloud of heal.

Springs have come and rains poured..
A leaf covers me from the shower..
I don't wanna get wet again, I don't wanna loose your grip again..
Hold my hands through the rainbow as the sunset is near and,
Lotus is closing.
But the moth knows sunshine is there to hold her through...

Your beats and mine are now one in our heart..
And shall stay alike for ages to come...
As its still raining outside and I don't wanna get wet again.

Kuch saaman piche chutta sa..

Kuch saaman piche chutta sa,
ek dhaga jaise tutta sa,
Haar kadam nishaan chode,
raunde hua ek khwaab sa...
Kyu judte ho jab raahein bati hui hai aur manzile tay nahi?
Dard se dosti karne ki aadat si hai ya zindagi se dushmani si?
Usse kab tak uthake chaloge jo tera hai hi nahi..
Kuch aise sawal kyu puchte ho jiske jawab hai hi nahi?
Bs daud lagi hai falak ko mutthi mein bharne ki..
Un haqqiqato se bekhabar ki
Hathelio mein aasma nahi simat ta kabhi!!
Bhagenge, ladenge, tuttenge, Bikhrenge..
Jab tak aankho mein kirane hai,,
Fir bhi reh jayega kuch saaman piche chutta sa.


Aasman khula hai teri udaan ke liye...
tu aapne par failake toh dekh.
Jannat aajayegi tere kadmo me...
tu hath badhake toh dekh.

Chal apne kadmo pe bahrosa karle,

nishan chod jana har raste pe...
irrade buland hai toh,
jannat toh kya khsitij pe bhi tera raj hoga

Kya baitha hai falak ko taak ke...
palake zuka ke ek sapna dekh kar toh dekh,
Haar lamha kyu bunde girata hai..
ek choti si muskaan chehre pe saja kar toh dekh.

Kar le bande aapni lakeeron se ladai

kuredkar aapni hateli likh naseeb apna,
hosla buland ho agar toh,
har Kshitij pe tera naam hoga.

The way I live

Lets grab the rainbow ..borrow some color...paint our dreams and spread sunshine
How long will you sulk in the dark....Life is all about cherry and wine.
For a change lets cook a dish of our own flavor...
splutter our dreams, mix our emotions and top it with imagination,
a taste and fragrance that's all mine to savor....

How long will you judge yourself from someone's eyes?
Why not create our own mirage to see the reflection.....
How long will you be named by someone's nomenclature?
Why not generate an identity which your own creation...

May be the canvas won't give a perfect picture but at-least ill be proud
that its my creation....
May my story won't be a soothing one, but ill be proud that is my narration....
Open your palms try to grab the air, Open the corridors of the heart and let the wild out...
Because that's where lies the real hideout.

Concrete Jungle

Everywhere my eyes go, I see a jungle of Concrete.
Even the moon above has lost its shine and
have become discreet.
A little birdie wonders where to go?
As its green tree has been burnt down.
Chirpy rhymes have died down in the shouts
of honks and nasty bulldozers.
I don't like here, I don't wanna go near..
This is not my world anymore,
all barren without the rain on the shore.
I have erected my mast and my ships are about to sail.
I bid adieu to this land of noise,
Sailing in the oceans of peace and serenity.

A heart Hourglass

The Far you are the more I miss you, I crave you.
A mirage of memories , a hallucination of thoughts.....
It slips from my hands like sand from the hour glass,
The tighter I clutch, The faster it falls....
Have I lost it ?? Do I have it??
Questions without answer hammer the heart and the Brain.
The stone thrown the beat creates shimmers in love....
Reflects the bond, an eternal saga....
You not there but you there, always n forever......
In a cave of dark....the light is you.


It was never was never dreamt off....
a confusion..a unimaginable reality to be accepted off.
Questions unanswered ..feelings unheard....
Me alone in the horizon .....Clutching the Orion,
Crashing the bones .....Beats to be read.
Just wonder am I asking for a mirage or am I dreaming of an Hallucination?
Just wonder does it even matter?
I know it gonna move on till the dark....
Its never gonna stop but leave the mark....
What if the rod u were leaning on gave away?
What if the one which was right proved wrong??
An annahalition of fake ..just a some to take...
U gonna be high on adrenalin gush...again u gonna rush...
To blink smile dream again..
again....again.....n again...its gonna move on because,
that's how life ...
It was never was never dreamt off....

Awei Si kuch Baatein

Zindagi bhi ajeeb hai ek behki ulzan si,
thodi hasati thodi rulati..ek hawa ke zonke si,
kitne mod..kitne thehrav..kitne raaste kitni manzilee,
sab kuch ek zarne sa chanchal...harr zarra zindagi muskurati si.

Kuch khwab thode...kuch jode..kuch bhege kuch sukhe reh gaye,
pinche mudne ki izzaazt na deti..ithlati si zindagi...

Jannti hu dard aur khusi dono hi kaayam nahi...
fir aansu me khusi aur khusi mein dard ko yaad karti si..zindagi


How long will I be waiting? Until the end of time,
I don't know why I'm still waiting,
I can't make you mine... I'm trying to forget that I'm addicted to you,
But I want it and I need it, I'm addicted to you!
That addiction or greed ..its just like weed....
The more u smoke it, the more u need...
U mine.....u a image on water... u undefined..
A reason to live ..I don't know why U r my passion to move on!!!!
But still I'll be waiting and will be waiting till the end ,,till the end....