The way I live

Lets grab the rainbow ..borrow some color...paint our dreams and spread sunshine
How long will you sulk in the dark....Life is all about cherry and wine.
For a change lets cook a dish of our own flavor...
splutter our dreams, mix our emotions and top it with imagination,
a taste and fragrance that's all mine to savor....

How long will you judge yourself from someone's eyes?
Why not create our own mirage to see the reflection.....
How long will you be named by someone's nomenclature?
Why not generate an identity which your own creation...

May be the canvas won't give a perfect picture but at-least ill be proud
that its my creation....
May my story won't be a soothing one, but ill be proud that is my narration....
Open your palms try to grab the air, Open the corridors of the heart and let the wild out...
Because that's where lies the real hideout.


  1. :) and thats the way of life:)
    love it live it the way you want it :)

  2. Because thats where lies the real hideout. True and profound. Love.

  3. Wonderfully written, yup we need to e ourselves rather than pretending anyone else, life is at its best when it is actually lived on our own terms & when we do not worry about the outcome.

    Too good and sweetly written :)


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