My little World

A little snail sneaked out of its shell,
Feeling hungry it tasted dew...
Clouds got shapes of the world,
Ans lightened with lightening..
How beautiful my little world is!!!
Ants crawl along leaving traces on the sand..
making marks on the land..
I wanna live in their homes, become small and invisible..
Eat food crumbs and live on small with laughter..
Lets go and cook leaves..
Dry and green leaves!!
Make home of sand..copy the sparrow nest
and rest upon...
Cuckoos music and fan of wind..
roof of the sky and rug of mud...
My little world is so beautiful..
all natural, all cute..
Only mine and so acute....


  1. .. ah.. only if wishes were horses :):)....

    1. then we could have actually gone to my little world :)

  2. OOhhh !!! Arpita dear How I wish to just step into this little world of comfort & joy..Come on Invite me to your world acute..Will stay on there all lost in its splendour..
    How sweet Arpita is your world where cuckoos sing non stop cooing away to heart's content..
    Let me in Let me in Let me just laze around in your little world <3<3<3

    1. you are most welcome in my little world dearie you can visit when ever u want :) Superlike

  3. Your lil world is so much like what i used to be in when i had a small form n i miss it :-)

    1. you can do it in bigger form as well just u have to be a child at heart :)

  4. Lovely use of nonsense verse

    makes one dreamy


    1. Its no nonsense it my little world and i love it


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