Sparkle Sunshine All Along

"Already there is so much written and said already about life that makes everything you come across appear to be old and boring." Recently, I heard this line from somebody and it triggered strings of my inner conscience. Is it really true?? Can life or life talks be boring to anyone??.  For me its always been a precious gift that I have cherished always, let it be dark days or sunshine.

Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or  dusk. - William Arthur Ward

We all are here, in the same world where giving up is not at all an option.  So if you are gonna breath free till your last day, why not to inhale and exhale happiness, joy, innovation, smiles, care and love??. When you see your near and dear one giving up on life it pinches a lot and makes you feel helpless. I have felt that pang many a times.But that's how it is. I feel like shaking them and waking them up. Wish to say them "Don't fake love and life, because that's the only thing which is yours." 

Always think of giving life one more push before you decide to give up. "A light wind swept over the corn, and all nature laughed in the sunshine." - Anne Bronte

Here goes a little sunshine : poem 

Sunshine in my little hand, with wings of imagination..
I float along the crevices of dark spreading the rays along..
Yellow is the colour I say, In the vast blue I spray,
Hopes painted red sprinkling on the road...

Sliding in the rainbow of life when u fall,

A deep scar is the gift bestowed...
But every scar is valuable, which tells a tale,
"I was wounded but I survived" ....

Leap high never give up, don't take shit

As you are not a garbage bin...
Dream every moment even if they crash,
As after thunders, its rain droplets that splash..

The dew of your eyes is way too precious,

Not to be wasted on what's not worth,
Love yourself to be loved...
Never fake love, just be the one,
as you are the gem which can never be replaced.. 

Rise and shine because you are the Sunshine :)  Cheers  \_/o


  1. So true and beautifully written.

    It's true we need to share more smiles,happiness as that's d most wonderful gift given by God.

    Lovely poem in d end to summarize beautiful my dear. It's awesome keep writing and keep smiling and keep sharing ur lovely spirit towards life

  2. Appu that is a very encouraging one :) Keep Up. Loved it. God Bless.

  3. nice poem.....the last line uff....really impressed...great to finish with such a good poem...:)

  4. Niceeeee one ..nd one mre thng ie,
    "Dream every moment
    even if they crash, As after thunders, its
    rain droplets that splash.." these lines are very tells me to dream everyday .. *ENCOURAGING* thanks appu Didiee :)

  5. Yaay ! Always and anytime Cheerios to life .. There are so many instances in our life,which may or may not have turned out as per our wish..It happens.. that you crave for just a single moment of ultimate happiness and it is short lived too..but then why sit and crib about the dream which was momentous and didnt last long enough..let us be happy that it ultimately did happen giving us momentous joy and leaving a cherished memory engraved on the walls of our heart..!!!

    Every time a sad or not to so good incident occurs in our life..let us all learn from them.. undoubtedly it leaves us with a heart burn / heart broken due to mistrust or say unavoidable, inevitable circumstances which were beyond our control..Forgive and Forget..Lead on with life..Wish the best for the person who deliberately or otherwise has caused anguish to us..not necessarily the person..some bad phase of life that we are passing through could be the reason for such heart wrenching consequences ..Pat your self and smile .. LOL and announce to yourself.."This too shall pass".. Yeah give me all the brickbats I shall convert them into bunch of Joyous flowers and spread it all around..Will learn from those and move on .. march ahead..there is no need for you/me sitting back and cribbing about whats over and done with..The experiences I/We went through have taught us a thing or two..Let them flow away with the tears..No faking it when you are crumbling inside..Just let it go..

    Let us dream on..Life is too precious to shed tears on past things..Lots of golden moments await for us..Spread your wings and fly..HIGH :)

    Am sorrie on my such a beeeeeeg comment my dear Arpita..Your poem is short sweet and beautiful..Reflects my attitude towards life too..Hate sitting back and cribbing..Love to move on :)
    All the very best to you my dear :)

    1. Cheers di thanks for sharing your angle ..i loved it :)

  6. Though my first comment is lost somewhere..

    Well.. yes it hurts when someone fails without trying, someone close to heart. But well we should keep on trying.. We should keep on helping.. that is what we are here for.

    Rise and shine.. Lets catch some sunshine in our hands, fill our pockets with it and sprinkle it everywhere we go.


  7. A life without scars is shallow experience its various nuances one must live the sunshine n shades ....

  8. lovely post. gives a lot of hope :)


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