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Love Me For the Sake of Love

Love me for the sake of love,
Not for the nomenclature I have...
its given to me by someone else.

Neither love me because of the smile I flash,
when you come near...
Nor due to the care I take of you my dear..
As Me thou is something different inside...

It smiles at the first ray of light,
It en-lights with the first rain drop..
"Me" is a cocoon shell thriving to turn a butterfly..
Your love will open my shell,

Make me spread wings in the world..Be my sky
Love me for what I am, for what I stand..
Love me not for reasons, love me all seasons...
Love me for the sake of love...


It Comes to surface when I am alone,
A reverie that takes me along..
to memories that are my life,
those moments which make me alive....

A nostalgic feeling drives me crazy,
I wanna be a baby, gonna be hazy..
Striving to get the toy that's not mine,
thriving to sleep in Mom's lap and 
fall in to dreams that shine...

It was good to be a child,
So protected, so safe, in the love and 
care so mild...
Don't know why we grow?, why we flow?
Along the idiotic calculations of life,
Which kills the innocence and purity of thy..

A prolonged mirage created of fake,
Its an Osmosis that makes me shake..
But I love this home coming of mine,
Which makes me nostalgic, united with what I am..
I feel sure..I feel fine..