It Comes to surface when I am alone,
A reverie that takes me along..
to memories that are my life,
those moments which make me alive....

A nostalgic feeling drives me crazy,
I wanna be a baby, gonna be hazy..
Striving to get the toy that's not mine,
thriving to sleep in Mom's lap and 
fall in to dreams that shine...

It was good to be a child,
So protected, so safe, in the love and 
care so mild...
Don't know why we grow?, why we flow?
Along the idiotic calculations of life,
Which kills the innocence and purity of thy..

A prolonged mirage created of fake,
Its an Osmosis that makes me shake..
But I love this home coming of mine,
Which makes me nostalgic, united with what I am..
I feel sure..I feel fine..


  1. You actually answered and motivated at the same time :) True we all wants to be kid again, live to those memories which makes us smile, happy.

    Keep writing keep sharing, great work and lots of good wishes for you

    1. :) we cherish the memories and move on :)

  2. Your poems are deeply reflective..makes one travel back in time ..nice one keep on ... :)

  3. koi lautade mere bitey hue din - bitey hue din wo pyare palchin - koi lautade mere beete hue din/ i aur yaad aya - 1 tha bachpan 1 tha bachpan .lovely poetry u write arpita

  4. O yes gone are those days and today when I look at myself I am nowhere near to what I was. But that is the price we pay for growing up :) Price so heavy that what experience and understanding which we achieve look small sometimes. But then, we had our good days and now its time for us to let generation next flourish and for that we need to grow old and perish :)

    1. Ya happy journey leaving footprints behind :)

  5. u know what a masterpiece is???no...well this one is very much..because memories and their articulations superb..i am reflecting so many memories deep in my heart now....superb one sweety

  6. its really heart touching...a kind of feeling always comes when i am on ship for a long duration...away frm home..exactly same thing which i feel...but its great to see it as a poem...wll carry this to ship in ma lappi..thnx :)

    1. thats the best part :) good that my poem would brighten ur day :)

  7. Very beautiful poem Arpita! This poem made me nostalgic too! Wish we all become kids again :)

    1. atleast we can recreate those moments now :)


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