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A leaf story

A leaf turned yellow is about to wither,
will part away from its branch now,
with a gush of wind....
Once it was a shoot which shined green,
But now has turned pale on the world screen...

Little young leaf was so strong,
It thundered the storm and held along..
But now shivers to death with a little wind,
it stares the sky and awaits death..

Answer it gets from god is:
"this is 'old' my dear which all have to face,
But you have the treasure no one has in their case"
You teach the baby shoot to glide alone,
walk the first step on the sand of life..

Age is change but you have to stay stiff on..
Old is good, its beginning of new..
You enter an embryo and give it life..
Dear leaf you are important, you are vital..
as in journey of ocean each drop matters.

Kapkapati Palkein

Kapkapati hai palkein Khwabon ke bojh se..
Sochti hai kya churau is guzartay hue lamhe se..

Kitne pal the jinme bheegi ye palkein,

Kuch dafa timtimate Khwab the in palko mein,
toh kuch dafa unhi Khwabon ke tukde..
Kuch dafa tujhe rijhaya ,
toh kuch dafa tujhse ruthi ye palkein..

Ye sab saath lekar Kapkapati hai palkein...

Isharo mein dil ki baat kehti,

Jhuk kar hasi thitholi karti,
Daaman mein aapne uski aahatein bharkar..
Kapkapati hai palkein...

Kabhi kisika dard sehlati,

Kabhi khud apne mann ko behlati..
Kabhi chattan ban duniya se ladti,
Kabhi khud aapna saath de chalti...

Yehi dastan sunati, Bhar jivan muskurati..

Kapkapati hai palkein...

Moving on...

Rise and Shine leaving the past behind,
A mantra that says never rewind...
Replay on the happy ones that will push you forward
and keep the pain ones on a pause...

Look around is there anything stagnant?
Even the rocks keep rolling all along...
Bad moments are gift to tell that this too can happen,
So be prepared to bear it and they make you strong to bear pain..
there is no rainbow without rain..

Everyone that came and went told u some stories, taught you some lessons
and that will always linger on...
Make the past your treasure and build a new today with pleasure..
You are there always with you so you are never alone,
You are special because you are you,
Just remember that and move on....

I love the rain

A downpour of love on the ground of my heart,
Your touch feels so pure and warm.

Its the drops of moments that I hide in a rose,
like droplets of rain caught in dew..

I like the smell of the mud in rain,
feels like you have just stolen my pain..

The thunders are answers to our kiss in rain
and my heart skips a beat or two..

I look doe eyed in to your eyes to see myself being held,
whenever you say you love me too,you take my breath away..

Rain, thunders, clouds n all, its you n your thought that makes
my happiness drizzle...and make me love the rain..

A Walk in Rain

Its all monsoonal outside my window and raining!!!!! I can hear the thunder and also the rain drops falling on the asphalt :) I am myself drenched as I had a long walk in rain today and so refreshed that I am smiling to myself alone in the house. It was a really natural experience soothing the heart.

When I started walking from my office it was just little drizzle n just after five minutes it started raining cats n dogs :p Though I had an Umbrella withing moments I was wet, saving my handbag from rain I got shelter below a huge tree. I had put on my earphones and was listening to music at the same time which was playing awesome songs like "tuhimera from Jannat 2, Ghode jaisechaalhathijaisidum, Dhunki Dhunki lage, Bahoon kedarmiyaan etc...." to name a few which lit up my mood full on YoYoYo....

I was not alone under the tree. 2 cows, one Dog,three human beings and two auto wallas were giving me a company. :P I was observing the water flowing down from everywhere. From…

Mutthi mein Bandh Khayal

Bandh karli mutthi humne, nahi kholenge ab kabhi..
Kuch thode khwab, Kuch thodi khwaishein,
Kuch thode Khel, Kuch thodi Hasi,
Samet ke rakh di, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Chote se kadamo ne jab pehli baar mitti ko chua tha tab,
Jo Khushboo dil mein bhari thi wo aaj bhi saanso mein
mehek rahi hai...
Wo mehek bandh karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Kshitij  par aankhein mund kar bharosa kiya,
Pankh failaye aanjani si udaan ke liye,
Gire aag mein hue raakh..
Wo khakh band karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Jis muder pe gharonda banaya, jis  ghosle mein apana sab sajaya,
Wo tutta toh bache bs tinke,
Wo tinke bandh karliye maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Saanse aur jaan chidki jinpe wo na samajh paye hume kabhi,
Na humari un choti ummido ko,
Haath aaye wo bs mukhote the,
Wo mukhote bandh karliye maine,  Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..