A leaf story

A leaf turned yellow is about to wither,
will part away from its branch now,
with a gush of wind....
Once it was a shoot which shined green,
But now has turned pale on the world screen...

Little young leaf was so strong,
It thundered the storm and held along..
But now shivers to death with a little wind,
it stares the sky and awaits death..

Answer it gets from god is:
"this is 'old' my dear which all have to face,
But you have the treasure no one has in their case"
You teach the baby shoot to glide alone,
walk the first step on the sand of life..

Age is change but you have to stay stiff on..
Old is good, its beginning of new..
You enter an embryo and give it life..
Dear leaf you are important, you are vital..
as in journey of ocean each drop matters.


  1. aha lovely....keep the good work on....:)

  2. u write lovely poetry upon poetry .nice on indeed/yes nature changeth - old order gives way to new and wheel of destiny goes on- ritu aye ritu jaye sakhiri

    1. Bilkul sahi kaha chachaji :) thanks :)

  3. Wonderfully expressed and written, So true we all will pass through this phase on some day, each one of us is important but what matters is how do we spend our lives and give life to few others :)

  4. Deep thought :):) Awesome :):)


  5. leaf ko v niii malum hoga :P Good one :)


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