Mutthi mein Bandh Khayal

Bandh karli mutthi humne, nahi kholenge ab kabhi..
Kuch thode khwab, Kuch thodi khwaishein,
Kuch thode Khel, Kuch thodi Hasi,
Samet ke rakh di, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Chote se kadamo ne jab pehli baar mitti ko chua tha tab,
Jo Khushboo dil mein bhari thi wo aaj bhi saanso mein
mehek rahi hai...
Wo mehek bandh karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Kshitij  par aankhein mund kar bharosa kiya,
Pankh failaye aanjani si udaan ke liye,
Gire aag mein hue raakh..
Wo khakh band karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Jis muder pe gharonda banaya, jis  ghosle mein apana sab sajaya,
Wo tutta toh bache bs tinke,
Wo tinke bandh karliye maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Saanse aur jaan chidki jinpe wo na samajh paye hume kabhi,
Na humari un choti ummido ko,
Haath aaye wo bs mukhote the,
Wo mukhote bandh karliye maine,  Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..


  1. xcellent ,marvellous - heart touching -and determination - bah wah

    1. thank you so much. much much appreciated :)

  2. I understand and I can relate

    But every new day comes with refreshed hope all we need to do is to keep faith!

    Lots of love and positive vibes and good wishes

    1. ya true n thats what keeps us going i guess :) Thanks for the love n wishes :)

  3. superb lines....honesty in every word..every word is out of heart..needless to say sensitive to the core..i can see some one who is a fighter undoubtedly with volumes of tits-bits locked in the heart..she moved on,marched ahead but still when ever she remembers,she remembers the muthi which has bitter-sweet thoughts and feelings..incomplete journeys and complete smiles,dreams unsaid and said or shared thoughts with life..m so damn speechless.after writing i still feel i have not written.this one is a complete one,nothing to suffix it or prefix it. *CHEERS*

    1. your comment is a poetry in its self and for me its like a mirror that is showing me from ur eyes ..just loved it thanks for knowing the core of me :) cheers to us dear bonded with strings of heart and selfless emotions :)

  4. <3 <3 long live us <3cheers

  5. nice to see u getting matured i poetry now :)

    1. thanks much appreciated buddy :) keep giving tips

  6. Beautiful .. am speechless after reading this post of yours..
    Just fantastic my dear Arpita !
    Whaattay Poetry..keep all your hopes dreams aspirations tighly safe inside your Muthi..Realize all of them very soon..Never looking back or giving up !

    Just love ya for this post..Lotsa LOVE my dear Arpital
    Bless You !

    1. Thanks dearie for understanding the little angels of my lines .. love u too :)


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