Moving on...

Rise and Shine leaving the past behind,
A mantra that says never rewind...
Replay on the happy ones that will push you forward
and keep the pain ones on a pause...

Look around is there anything stagnant?
Even the rocks keep rolling all along...
Bad moments are gift to tell that this too can happen,
So be prepared to bear it and they make you strong to bear pain..
there is no rainbow without rain..

Everyone that came and went told u some stories, taught you some lessons
and that will always linger on...
Make the past your treasure and build a new today with pleasure..
You are there always with you so you are never alone,
You are special because you are you,
Just remember that and move on....


  1. awsm......and u r ri8 yeah we are nt alone......

  2. This too shall pass :) Thats how life is.. Good work dearo:)

    1. yup n so keep moving on :) thanks dear :)

  3. Beautifully expressed

  4. jobe tor daak sune keu naa asshe tobe ekla cholo re......loveeelyy one sweetz..i soo believe life is lived by days but still cribbing is such a habit...well written,,,superb :)

  5. Beautifully said, Yes I totally agree Moving on is the mantra of happy life as we go through a lot of experiences each day some might be good some might be bad but leaving both we have to move on so that we don't loose on new experiences and what will be life with no trouble isn't it? Good work keep writing...... :)

  6. Rightly SAID ,'beeti baat bisariye aage ke sudh le''.well written


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