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Butterfly without wings...

Butterfly without wings, Clutched and entwined in twigs..
IT gave away its colors to make the rainbow smile,
And tore its dream of flight  to make the sun shine that extra mile...

Now that the fluttering has stopped and
now that the muttering is silent...
Does that colorless throb and that wingless dream matter to anyone??
Or does that closing wet eyelashes mean anything to you??

The more you knock, the doors are closing tighter..
hiding secrets in the lock..
Heart has given up pumping life and body is exhausting with every moment passing by..

All thats gonna remain is the trail in sand..
Telling a tale of butterfly who hung on to faith and fought till the end...

Little Respect Is All We Need!!

 #Guestpost By @akhilavr
The day God made human begins he made two genders the Adam and the Eve. The Adam so called man and eve so called woman. Since that day we have being fighting for our rights our right to get respect. Every one has a bigggggg speech on tip of there tongues when u tel them to speak they go on for pages Women the mother ,the creator, the support and once the speech is done he gets out of the place sees a beautiful woman walking by and he says to his fellow mate “kya kaamal ki cheez hay yaar” Seriously?? Cheez?? What are we a walking object??
In past ,present or in future we had been treated this way we are treated this way and we will be treated further too. Few days back a girl in Delhi was been gang raped by 6 men and was beaten and stripped and thrown on the road from a moving bus. A girl being raped by her father in Kerala  Brother sexually assaulting his own sister. We speak of education we speak of women empowerment we speak of rights where are all these m…

Rape.... A Murder of Humanity

The whole country is talking today about a word "Rape". Its nothing new to our ears. Women have been going through this since ages, every single day. But who cares??? Rapists are people who look like you and me but have the conscience of the devil himself. 
If you want a better world " Don't teach your Daughter "how to protect herself ?" Teach your Son "Don't forget your Ethos".....#Quote

I dreamt of wet moss and rainbows,I now look upon the scattered pieces in line.. A chunk here, a chunk there...body slashed, all what is left is dead soul of mine.. Heal me where I am burnt...Stitch me where I am torn, Free me from the clutches of Chauvinism, don't kill me before I am born...
 A rape is what they call this..a civilized name for the death of humanity.. I went though it and I have lost all sanity.... They laughed and they grinned while I cried, Light was there but I was blind, they ripped me apart and inside I died...
Scarred for ever and never t…

Sparkle Sunshine All Along

"Already there is so much written and said already about life that makes everything you come across appear to be old and boring." Recently, I heard this line from somebody and it triggered strings of my inner conscience. Is it really true?? Can life or life talks be boring to anyone??.  For me its always been a precious gift that I have cherished always, let it be dark days or sunshine.

Change, like sunshine, can be a friend or a foe, a blessing or a curse, a dawn or  dusk.- William Arthur Ward

We all are here, in the same world where giving up is not at all an option.  So if you are gonna breath free till your last day, why not to inhale and exhale happiness, joy, innovation, smiles, care and love??. When you see your near and dear one giving up on life it pinches a lot and makes you feel helpless. I have felt that pang many a times.But that's how it is. I feel like shaking them and waking them up. Wish to say them "Don't fake love and life, because that's th…

Love Me For the Sake of Love

Love me for the sake of love,
Not for the nomenclature I have...
its given to me by someone else.

Neither love me because of the smile I flash,
when you come near...
Nor due to the care I take of you my dear..
As Me thou is something different inside...

It smiles at the first ray of light,
It en-lights with the first rain drop..
"Me" is a cocoon shell thriving to turn a butterfly..
Your love will open my shell,

Make me spread wings in the world..Be my sky
Love me for what I am, for what I stand..
Love me not for reasons, love me all seasons...
Love me for the sake of love...


It Comes to surface when I am alone,
A reverie that takes me along..
to memories that are my life,
those moments which make me alive....

A nostalgic feeling drives me crazy,
I wanna be a baby, gonna be hazy..
Striving to get the toy that's not mine,
thriving to sleep in Mom's lap and 
fall in to dreams that shine...

It was good to be a child,
So protected, so safe, in the love and 
care so mild...
Don't know why we grow?, why we flow?
Along the idiotic calculations of life,
Which kills the innocence and purity of thy..

A prolonged mirage created of fake,
Its an Osmosis that makes me shake..
But I love this home coming of mine,
Which makes me nostalgic, united with what I am..
I feel sure..I feel fine..

A leaf story

A leaf turned yellow is about to wither,
will part away from its branch now,
with a gush of wind....
Once it was a shoot which shined green,
But now has turned pale on the world screen...

Little young leaf was so strong,
It thundered the storm and held along..
But now shivers to death with a little wind,
it stares the sky and awaits death..

Answer it gets from god is:
"this is 'old' my dear which all have to face,
But you have the treasure no one has in their case"
You teach the baby shoot to glide alone,
walk the first step on the sand of life..

Age is change but you have to stay stiff on..
Old is good, its beginning of new..
You enter an embryo and give it life..
Dear leaf you are important, you are vital..
as in journey of ocean each drop matters.

Kapkapati Palkein

Kapkapati hai palkein Khwabon ke bojh se..
Sochti hai kya churau is guzartay hue lamhe se..

Kitne pal the jinme bheegi ye palkein,

Kuch dafa timtimate Khwab the in palko mein,
toh kuch dafa unhi Khwabon ke tukde..
Kuch dafa tujhe rijhaya ,
toh kuch dafa tujhse ruthi ye palkein..

Ye sab saath lekar Kapkapati hai palkein...

Isharo mein dil ki baat kehti,

Jhuk kar hasi thitholi karti,
Daaman mein aapne uski aahatein bharkar..
Kapkapati hai palkein...

Kabhi kisika dard sehlati,

Kabhi khud apne mann ko behlati..
Kabhi chattan ban duniya se ladti,
Kabhi khud aapna saath de chalti...

Yehi dastan sunati, Bhar jivan muskurati..

Kapkapati hai palkein...

Moving on...

Rise and Shine leaving the past behind,
A mantra that says never rewind...
Replay on the happy ones that will push you forward
and keep the pain ones on a pause...

Look around is there anything stagnant?
Even the rocks keep rolling all along...
Bad moments are gift to tell that this too can happen,
So be prepared to bear it and they make you strong to bear pain..
there is no rainbow without rain..

Everyone that came and went told u some stories, taught you some lessons
and that will always linger on...
Make the past your treasure and build a new today with pleasure..
You are there always with you so you are never alone,
You are special because you are you,
Just remember that and move on....

I love the rain

A downpour of love on the ground of my heart,
Your touch feels so pure and warm.

Its the drops of moments that I hide in a rose,
like droplets of rain caught in dew..

I like the smell of the mud in rain,
feels like you have just stolen my pain..

The thunders are answers to our kiss in rain
and my heart skips a beat or two..

I look doe eyed in to your eyes to see myself being held,
whenever you say you love me too,you take my breath away..

Rain, thunders, clouds n all, its you n your thought that makes
my happiness drizzle...and make me love the rain..

A Walk in Rain

Its all monsoonal outside my window and raining!!!!! I can hear the thunder and also the rain drops falling on the asphalt :) I am myself drenched as I had a long walk in rain today and so refreshed that I am smiling to myself alone in the house. It was a really natural experience soothing the heart.

When I started walking from my office it was just little drizzle n just after five minutes it started raining cats n dogs :p Though I had an Umbrella withing moments I was wet, saving my handbag from rain I got shelter below a huge tree. I had put on my earphones and was listening to music at the same time which was playing awesome songs like "tuhimera from Jannat 2, Ghode jaisechaalhathijaisidum, Dhunki Dhunki lage, Bahoon kedarmiyaan etc...." to name a few which lit up my mood full on YoYoYo....

I was not alone under the tree. 2 cows, one Dog,three human beings and two auto wallas were giving me a company. :P I was observing the water flowing down from everywhere. From…

Mutthi mein Bandh Khayal

Bandh karli mutthi humne, nahi kholenge ab kabhi..
Kuch thode khwab, Kuch thodi khwaishein,
Kuch thode Khel, Kuch thodi Hasi,
Samet ke rakh di, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Chote se kadamo ne jab pehli baar mitti ko chua tha tab,
Jo Khushboo dil mein bhari thi wo aaj bhi saanso mein
mehek rahi hai...
Wo mehek bandh karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi...

Kshitij  par aankhein mund kar bharosa kiya,
Pankh failaye aanjani si udaan ke liye,
Gire aag mein hue raakh..
Wo khakh band karli maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Jis muder pe gharonda banaya, jis  ghosle mein apana sab sajaya,
Wo tutta toh bache bs tinke,
Wo tinke bandh karliye maine, Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Saanse aur jaan chidki jinpe wo na samajh paye hume kabhi,
Na humari un choti ummido ko,
Haath aaye wo bs mukhote the,
Wo mukhote bandh karliye maine,  Ab na khulegi ye mutthi..

Footprints in the valley

How green is my valley??
Is it really green or just a farce?
Shall I believe or shall I leave it in the alley!!!
I followed the footprints and discovered its all wrong..

Shall I leave it or shall I keep walking??
And find a new destination?
All around I see is question marks and no full stops..
So I guess, will have to put a comma and move on....

Will create new traces and design a new map...
Anyways whats the fun in exploring the explored,
When you have options of inventions and discoveries.

My little World

A little snail sneaked out of its shell,
Feeling hungry it tasted dew...
Clouds got shapes of the world,
Ans lightened with lightening..
How beautiful my little world is!!!
Ants crawl along leaving traces on the sand..
making marks on the land..
I wanna live in their homes, become small and invisible..
Eat food crumbs and live on small with laughter..
Lets go and cook leaves..
Dry and green leaves!!
Make home of sand..copy the sparrow nest
and rest upon...
Cuckoos music and fan of wind..
roof of the sky and rug of mud...
My little world is so beautiful..
all natural, all cute..
Only mine and so acute....

Love Knocked on my Heart

A tear of dew knocked on the petals of my heart,
Its you who beats through my veins..
Eyes winked and I knew its you,
Forever my vision to be..

You are my answered prayer,
You are my accepted plea...
Mirages apart, Hallucinations together
You are the reason why I breath.
On the scratches of my soul, a cloud of heal.

Springs have come and rains poured..
A leaf covers me from the shower..
I don't wanna get wet again, I don't wanna loose your grip again..
Hold my hands through the rainbow as the sunset is near and,
Lotus is closing.
But the moth knows sunshine is there to hold her through...

Your beats and mine are now one in our heart..
And shall stay alike for ages to come...
As its still raining outside and I don't wanna get wet again.

Kuch saaman piche chutta sa..

Kuch saaman piche chutta sa,
ek dhaga jaise tutta sa,
Haar kadam nishaan chode,
raunde hua ek khwaab sa...
Kyu judte ho jab raahein bati hui hai aur manzile tay nahi?
Dard se dosti karne ki aadat si hai ya zindagi se dushmani si?
Usse kab tak uthake chaloge jo tera hai hi nahi..
Kuch aise sawal kyu puchte ho jiske jawab hai hi nahi?
Bs daud lagi hai falak ko mutthi mein bharne ki..
Un haqqiqato se bekhabar ki
Hathelio mein aasma nahi simat ta kabhi!!
Bhagenge, ladenge, tuttenge, Bikhrenge..
Jab tak aankho mein kirane hai,,
Fir bhi reh jayega kuch saaman piche chutta sa.


Aasman khula hai teri udaan ke liye...
tu aapne par failake toh dekh.
Jannat aajayegi tere kadmo me...
tu hath badhake toh dekh.

Chal apne kadmo pe bahrosa karle,

nishan chod jana har raste pe...
irrade buland hai toh,
jannat toh kya khsitij pe bhi tera raj hoga

Kya baitha hai falak ko taak ke...
palake zuka ke ek sapna dekh kar toh dekh,
Haar lamha kyu bunde girata hai..
ek choti si muskaan chehre pe saja kar toh dekh.

Kar le bande aapni lakeeron se ladai

kuredkar aapni hateli likh naseeb apna,
hosla buland ho agar toh,
har Kshitij pe tera naam hoga.

The way I live

Lets grab the rainbow ..borrow some color...paint our dreams and spread sunshine
How long will you sulk in the dark....Life is all about cherry and wine.
For a change lets cook a dish of our own flavor...
splutter our dreams, mix our emotions and top it with imagination,
a taste and fragrance that's all mine to savor....

How long will you judge yourself from someone's eyes?
Why not create our own mirage to see the reflection.....
How long will you be named by someone's nomenclature?
Why not generate an identity which your own creation...

May be the canvas won't give a perfect picture but at-least ill be proud
that its my creation....
May my story won't be a soothing one, but ill be proud that is my narration....
Open your palms try to grab the air, Open the corridors of the heart and let the wild out...
Because that's where lies the real hideout.

Concrete Jungle

Everywhere my eyes go, I see a jungle of Concrete.
Even the moon above has lost its shine and
have become discreet.
A little birdie wonders where to go?
As its green tree has been burnt down.
Chirpy rhymes have died down in the shouts
of honks and nasty bulldozers.
I don't like here, I don't wanna go near..
This is not my world anymore,
all barren without the rain on the shore.
I have erected my mast and my ships are about to sail.
I bid adieu to this land of noise,
Sailing in the oceans of peace and serenity.

A heart Hourglass

The Far you are the more I miss you, I crave you.
A mirage of memories , a hallucination of thoughts.....
It slips from my hands like sand from the hour glass,
The tighter I clutch, The faster it falls....
Have I lost it ?? Do I have it??
Questions without answer hammer the heart and the Brain.
The stone thrown the beat creates shimmers in love....
Reflects the bond, an eternal saga....
You not there but you there, always n forever......
In a cave of dark....the light is you.


It was never was never dreamt off....
a confusion..a unimaginable reality to be accepted off.
Questions unanswered ..feelings unheard....
Me alone in the horizon .....Clutching the Orion,
Crashing the bones .....Beats to be read.
Just wonder am I asking for a mirage or am I dreaming of an Hallucination?
Just wonder does it even matter?
I know it gonna move on till the dark....
Its never gonna stop but leave the mark....
What if the rod u were leaning on gave away?
What if the one which was right proved wrong??
An annahalition of fake ..just a some to take...
U gonna be high on adrenalin gush...again u gonna rush...
To blink smile dream again..
again....again.....n again...its gonna move on because,
that's how life ...
It was never was never dreamt off....

Awei Si kuch Baatein

Zindagi bhi ajeeb hai ek behki ulzan si,
thodi hasati thodi rulati..ek hawa ke zonke si,
kitne mod..kitne thehrav..kitne raaste kitni manzilee,
sab kuch ek zarne sa chanchal...harr zarra zindagi muskurati si.

Kuch khwab thode...kuch jode..kuch bhege kuch sukhe reh gaye,
pinche mudne ki izzaazt na deti..ithlati si zindagi...

Jannti hu dard aur khusi dono hi kaayam nahi...
fir aansu me khusi aur khusi mein dard ko yaad karti si..zindagi


How long will I be waiting? Until the end of time,
I don't know why I'm still waiting,
I can't make you mine... I'm trying to forget that I'm addicted to you,
But I want it and I need it, I'm addicted to you!
That addiction or greed ..its just like weed....
The more u smoke it, the more u need...
U mine.....u a image on water... u undefined..
A reason to live ..I don't know why U r my passion to move on!!!!
But still I'll be waiting and will be waiting till the end ,,till the end....

A Brainstorming

Confessions UN-confessed, feelings left unsaid.
How long you will crib dear soul.... till the heart stops throbbing or what??
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass..
Its all about learning to dance in the rain.
Moments will come and in flash i will go..
Hands decide to make it a memory or a scar.
Hold it till it paralyses you or let it go..its up to u..
Happy in what u have n about what u are
Or be jealous about what others have and u don't..You take a stand!!!
Eat jump crazy stuff what u like...
Don't hurt others, Don't take pain..
Be the star, be the controller of your own car.
Close the eye lids with the satisfaction that u lived
and leave behind footprints to follow.

Heart Cries

Ghost of the past haunt me still..
Moments have passed but footprints remain.
If you want to kill it why do you nurture it anyways?
If you are gonna cut its wings why to make it learn to fly?
Your mask shows fake dreams to someone which u smash later..
Nothing is gained Nothing is Lost In the game of name and Fame..
A creeper whom you sheltered, you chopped it out for no reason.
No space to let out a cry it died n the middle of the spring season.
Time heals all wounds but even if it heals, the memories still pop up from time to time,
to scratch the scars again and rejuvenate the pain.
The world always has a weird way of working itself out,
And its round as well so will have to wait till it comes around.

Mirages in life

An emptiness in the void,
An echo on the throb,
Its the distance of heart that matters.
Have you lived in moments u breath or moments that take your breath away?
Happiness is the choice you make and
Darkness is what u decide to plunge in.
Change asks poison and nectar both to be drunken,
As the bed of roses comes along with thorns.
I know you have been crushed little heart, But you cant give up...
As you are still pumping blood.
Mirages will vanish as you go near..
Just keep printing footprints in sand.
Walk along the sunshine in your journey to the eternity..
to live the saga called life.

No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

What if hell and heaven are satisfied???
Tornado Fell in love with a volcano???
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

Would you take it?? will you accept it??
A history written, a saga created to be remembered forever and ever...
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

It is a confusion..all a rotten distortion..
The sound is noise now and breath a ruckus...
I hate it..I love it...I crave it..I break it.....
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

It was a wrong beginning...would u consider it now..

Or its too late to to ask now...But how can I let it go without...
Lets give it a try...don't know why....
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

Be on the positive will give u a way..

stars will shine down.... lets just wait till the dawn..
and rose will be in your will heal your hand with a magic wand...
No reason season....a mere coincidence..just a fusion.

A Heart Part

When you left you took a piece of me,
that void still shakes in me.
I know you are fine somewhere,
I know your heart is still beating there.
Clash of dreams tore us apart..
N you ran taking my part.
I need it back to fix the wreck.
Wipe you off..
Make the slate clean..
As new feet are waiting to mark footprints
on that scene...

Child Cry

Swinging through the shadows,
On a road along the memory flows,
into the dark lanes which are forgotten,
resides a kid never grown.
A faith dwindling between theist and atheist,
has lost light anyways.
Its now an anger unexpressed, an irritation..
A saga which was supposed to be told.
Sprout wonders with blurry eyes,
will it ever rise or get killed in the reflection of the tree??
Never mind it anyways doesn't matter now.

A angel

An angel came down,
Was it a broken star that granted my wish or was it the magic wand of a fairy fish?
Whatever it was it gave me you...
When all doors were locked u got the key,
When i was lost in dark you got the sunshine..
A pearl in the shell,
A cocoon in the well...
Ink of my blood on the canvas of my heart,
prints my love on the life-book for you.