Mirages in life

An emptiness in the void,
An echo on the throb,
Its the distance of heart that matters.
Have you lived in moments u breath or moments that take your breath away?
Happiness is the choice you make and
Darkness is what u decide to plunge in.
Change asks poison and nectar both to be drunken,
As the bed of roses comes along with thorns.
I know you have been crushed little heart, But you cant give up...
As you are still pumping blood.
Mirages will vanish as you go near..
Just keep printing footprints in sand.
Walk along the sunshine in your journey to the eternity..
to live the saga called life.


  1. Loved this one, Fairy queen
    I shared it on my blog without ur permission.. but i believe u wouldnt hold that against me

  2. My pleasure :) n Thank you for sharing but ill charge :P

  3. I like to read Direct poetic pieces so it was cool to read..looking forward for more +ve messages from u :-)


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