Rape.... A Murder of Humanity

The whole country is talking today about a word "Rape". Its nothing new to our ears. Women have been going through this since ages, every single day. But who cares??? Rapists are people who look like you and me but have the conscience of the devil himself. 

If you want a better world " Don't teach your Daughter "how to protect herself ?" Teach your Son "Don't forget your Ethos".....#Quote

I dreamt of wet moss and rainbows,I now look upon the scattered pieces in line..
A chunk here, a chunk there...body slashed, all what is left is dead soul of mine..
Heal me where I am burnt...Stitch me where I am torn,
Free me from the clutches of Chauvinism, don't kill me before I am born...

 A rape is what they call this..a civilized name for the death of humanity..
I went though it and I have lost all sanity....
They laughed and they grinned while I cried,
Light was there but I was blind, they ripped me apart and inside I died...

Scarred for ever and never to heal, meaningless memories and a trash to deal???
I don't know how it happened and why me my inner questions...
There was a chill in the wind that night,,The darkness made it hard for sight,
and I knew I had lost the fight...

 Debating and Contemplating, Cursing and Punishing.. what will you do??
They took one thing and I can never get it back, a feeling of being alive is what I lack..
I wish they were taught to respect the feminine, then Rape would have never been fate of mine...
Wake up is what I'll say before departing, Fill some humanity in the gap of your parting....


  1. This feeling we all are going through

  2. There a lot going on in the mind. I have no words to express what I feel and I don't know if there is any scope for mercy!

    1. they don't deserve any mercy ... public killing is the only solution

  3. Every single day n-number of such cases reported/non-reported happen in India and the government says it is worried about the declining sex ratio. Save the girl child. Save her for what? For getting raped one day.


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