Concrete Jungle

Everywhere my eyes go, I see a jungle of Concrete.
Even the moon above has lost its shine and
have become discreet.
A little birdie wonders where to go?
As its green tree has been burnt down.
Chirpy rhymes have died down in the shouts
of honks and nasty bulldozers.
I don't like here, I don't wanna go near..
This is not my world anymore,
all barren without the rain on the shore.
I have erected my mast and my ships are about to sail.
I bid adieu to this land of noise,
Sailing in the oceans of peace and serenity.


  1. //A little birdie wonders where to go?//
    A tree right next to our apartment was full chirping sparrows.. and one day I saw it wasn't there.. I felt so bad...

    Wish we could actually sail across this..

    1. ya thats the story of every city even Bangalore too :) and the sad part is it will not stop only we can grow new trees :)

  2. Wow, this is so alike a poem I wrote. Will share :) Cheers!


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