Goodbye Cyber ... Thanks for the Adventure

 !!!Saying goodbye isn’t the hard part, it’s what we leave behind that’s tough!!! #Quote

When we begin, we never think that it will ever end,
But life takes a turn and you find yourself in a bend..
I worked for almost 3 years here,
Where the days were a jumpy fun adventure...

But my last day is here, I have to say with a tear
That I made the choice to work here
and now I made the choice to leave.

I am taking a basketful of memories and learning with me..
Some are sour, Some are sweet, Some are fun worth a treat...

Ill miss my computer that always hanged and my colleagues with whom I hanged...
The chair where I sat and  the work that I did ... is all gonna be missed..
Today I depart the Cyber building,  bid farewell  and close the door..
In a hope that ill open many more..

Thanks for the adventure Cyber and making me, better me..
Although, goodbyes are not forever and they are not the end,
They simply mean I'll miss you till we meet again!


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