Walking Down the Memory Lane..

I saw a girl walking down the corridor today, and a memory flashed in my mind. For a moment it felt like an illusion that instead of her it’s me walking down the lanes which I used to visit often in the olden days. Chocked for a while I came back and sat on my chair, but the thoughts never left. That's when I started walking down memory lane because I know I'll run into people who have left there. Isn't it funny how sometimes the people who gave the best memories become a memory? , maybe that's why we love walking down the memory lane so much.

As I walked on, I kept on bumping in to mirrors which were reflecting the different colors of my old existence some of which I had forgotten (or I think so I had) , some of which I know I have packed in corners of mind and so of which I still carry along. But I still remember it all, as they say “A girl, no matter how many times she denies it, she will always remember every detail, every moment, every piece of the memories you've left her. No matter how much she tries to forget, it will always be there.”

The happy part of walking down the memory lane is I love every bit of it, every shade of the rainbow its painted is my favorite. I am lucky to have lived it all, even though some of it was painful but it has taught me big lessons of life and made me who I am today. I never realized when I was living those moments; all of it happened so fast but today they are jewels whom I treasure. “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory.” ~ Dr. Seuss

Anyways a chapter of my life was revisited today and though some of those people have left my book but I still cherish them in my memories. “Somebody asked me if I knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind but I just smiled and said I used to.” They give me hiccups still and as they say “One day everything that hurts us will only be remembered by the good things, the great memories that will always make us smile.”

"Nothing brings to life again a forgotten memory like fragrance." - C Poindexter


  1. If we had held on to moments, they would have never become memories :)

    1. oh yeah :D so let it go and fly :)

  2. Memories, ah! That is what we are left with in the end.


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