Today the air smelled like mom’s rotis,
When I walked towards the cafeteria…
My heart just jumped out of its rib cage
And flew home…

Mom was running around the house,
Her anklets were ringing the sweetest melodies,
Dad was telling endless stories,
And my monkey brother was playing his pranks…

I am glad heart is a wild creature with wings,
Who knows no bondage
Who is still a kid that loves to play in puddles…
I never thought when I was leaving home,
I was leaving it forever…

But like they say, home is where your heart is
And my heart is tied to that little veranda,
Where the grass is always green, rain falls like pixie dust
there is always warm words, hugs and food when you come home
And everything is taken care of…

We all wandered as adventurers
And we have achieved what we always dreamed off
And we are working towards what we want to achieve
But what keeps that fire alive is that feeling called “HOME”,

I am carrying my “HOME” in my heart wherever I go…


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