If it matters so much...

If it matters so much, why do you wait till you lose it forever? if you value it so much, why don't you show efforts,
why not assure it with kind words and actions?
why take it for granted, why to push it till it breaks apart?

Don't you know, Once the plant dries up, it'll never bloom again
no matter how much you water it!
The biggest mistake we make is we think we have time!
Why not tend to it while it's still alive, why not to heal the hurt with love?
Why wait till it dies?

Every bond is work. Hard work. It needs communication, care, compromise, and chemistry.
Like a seesaw, it will have its ups and downs,
someday it'll feel like hell, someday it'll feel like heaven,
But learn to plant a garden where it burns and a forest will grow.

Embrace the demons and fall in love with madness.
Because we all love to sign up for adventures and then why get scared to take leaps?
There is no room for a middle way in relationships, scream, shout and let it out.
Hug, make up and kiss the scars to heal.
Nothing poisons a heart more than unspoken words and feelings.

Because underneath all the masks there is always a beautiful soul that just wants to be loved...


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