Little Joys of Travel...

When you set your feet on unknown roads,
when you believe in mirages,
You discover some footprints hidden under the dried leaves
and wonder!
Who would have wandered here before you?
What did they talk about?
What deeds they do?
It all lingers on in the air, it's for you to smell
it's for you to encode and for you to decode!

Those mountains will make you realize what a tiny spec you are
in the playground of the universe...
Those clouds will play hide and seek with you along with the sunrays...
The twigs and trees will become your mates in crime 
And those shores lines will help you paint your own map...

Travel is not when you travel to different places or countries,
travel is when you discover something new in the littlest of things
and when you explore the new in the old...
It may be stepping foot in a new country, or it may be just turning a stone upside down,
as long as you unfold a new hue of nature,
have a beautiful conversation with yourself,
smile at the silliest of things, and leave something for the world to cherish...
it's more than enough!


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