When a cup of coffee came to her rescue!

On a cold winter morning winter morning, she sat on an empty table alone. The surroundings were new and the faces were unknown. There was a gloom in the air and eyes searching for a familiar smile and ears yearned to hear that friendly laughter.

Brain gave up, coming to the logical conclusion that this is a new place and nobody knows you, so just accept it and move on. But heart wanted warmth to move on. A warm hug, a pat on the back or maybe a small conversation.

Cup of coffee came to her rescue.

She held it with both her hands and felt a warm hug from a friend, " don't you feel lonely, I am right here", it said. With the first sip happy memories were pumped in her blood and by the time she finished, her heart was warm enough to move on to new adventures, to make new memories and to meet new people.

Seriously, Where would we be without coffee?


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