A mystery to be decoded,
A history to be recorded.
It freezes if you frame it,
runs wild if you try to tame it.
Slow for those who wait,
runs very fast for the ones who are scared.
Time seems longer when you are in pain,
and shorter when you celebrate.

The mosaic of the heart imprints time,
the silhouettes of the veins write a story,
all that was felt that made the soul melt is all that will stay,
till you surrender to the gallows of time forever... 

Time is puddle and it's up to us to muddle,
dive in and soak up the ethereal essence,
stay ashore and savor the silence,
Because it will keep ticking away, even when the clock stops,
And time keeps slipping away, irrespective...
So love, live and give, make TIME eternal.


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