When she ran they chased her,
When she fell they held her,
When she dreamed they showered sparkle,
When she laughed, they echoed her laughter,
And when she cried, they held her tears...

They were her mates, whom she spoke as the sand slipped in the hourglass,
And they answered to her questions without words...
When they got entangled in her hair they became her hairband,
And when they got stuck between her fingers, they became a ring of promise...

They pricked sometimes while she walked on tough roads to ensure that she still feels,
She was a wildflower and wildflowers she loved,
They reminded her of her soul, wild and free...

Wildflowers and She, She and Wildflowers were like the two halves of the pea in the peapod of the world...
Wildflowers and she...


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